Solution to the MTN DND problem

Solution to the MTN DND problem

You may be wandering why am I not receiving bulk sms again from my favourite groups or why are my sms not being recieved again by members of my sms list. The reason is obvious, the MTN do not disturb or MTN DND has been grossly activated by your group members.
What is MTN DND? MTN DND can well be defined as the impementation of the do not disturb policy as directed by the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC). The DND implementation simply blocks third party sms service in Nigeria from deliverying to MTN subscribers.
This MTN DND affects more than 50% of MTN subscribers in Nigeria. The grievious steps taken by MTN to automatically subscribe and activate more that 55% of its members to the MTN DND service without owners consent, made it more difficult to send bulk sms to people.

Solution to the MTN DND problem

Here at, from the very first day when the do not disturb was implementation in Nigeria telecom service, we have been working hard to ensure we find a lasting solution to the new developement. We always hope to deliver the best service without border restrictions to our lovely clients.
Here are some solution to the do not disturb (DND) problems:

How to unsubscribe to the do not disturb

For MTN subscribers, Text STOP to 2442 & after 6 Minutes Text ALLOW to 2442.
For AIRTEL subscribers Text STOP to 2442 & after 6 Minutes Text OUT to 2442.
For GLO subscribers Text STOP to 2442 & after 6 Minutes Text CANCEL to 2442.
For ETISALAT subscribers Text STOP to 2442 & after 6 Minutes Text START to 2442.

Complete solution to the MTN do not disturb (DND)

Another heavy success against the MTN dnd problem was made possible through the help of our support and research team.
You can now send bulk sms without any restriction or any limitation of MTN DND or any other do not disturb problem. Your sms will deliver instantly without getting bounce.

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We accept Online Payment using ATM Cards on our Portal. You can do this using the following steps.

1. Login to your SMSDEAR account or REGISTER if you are a NEW USER.

2. Enter quantity of SMS you want to purchase.

4. Click Buy SMS.

5. Under PAYMENT TYPE, Select INTERSWITCH. Note: Write down your Transaction ID. You can also SELECT VoguePay or eTranzact /PocketMoni.

6. Click PROCEED.

7.Enter your E-MAIL ADDRESS in the field provided [below Transaction ID]



10. ENTER your 16-digit CARD NUMBER [this is the number at the front side of your ATM CARD above your name]

11. Select your ATM CARD EXPIRY DATE: e.g Jan 2015

12. ENTER your 4-digit CARD PIN using the on-screen keybord i.e clicking on the numbers.

13. ENTER your 3-digit Card Verification Value (CVV2) Number [It is behind your ATM CARD beside the space for SIGNATURE]

14. Click PAY.


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